What’s Vlone

Vlone Productions, founded by Jabari Shelton (also known as A$AP Bari), played a significant role in popularizing the concept of mainstreaming pop-up music. Harlem, New York, where Vlone originated, has a rich history in streetwear and casual fashion, making it a fortunate location for the brand.

A$AP Rocky and A$AP Bari, along with other crew members like Playboi Carti and Ian Connor, contributed to the success of Vlone Music by developing a unique blend of rough and tough music. Their efforts were well-received, particularly Playboi Carti and Ian Connor, who received appreciation and likes for bringing pop music to Harlem and creating iconic logos for the brand.

Following their success as a music collective, A$AP Bari took Vlone to new heights by transforming it into a highly sought-after fashion clothing brand. Collaborating with A$AP Rocky and Clot Edison Chen, they infused the essence of hip and chic into Vlone's offerings.

Vlone expanded its line of products to include hoodies, sweatpants, and accessories, catering to the fashion preferences of teenagers and young adults. With the introduction of V outfits, the brand offered unique and innovative styles that quickly positioned Vlone as one of the best fashion brands in history.

With the theme "LIVE ALONE DIE ALONE," Vlone launched a remarkable fashion line that garnered significant attention and drove traffic to both online and physical stores in Hong Kong, New York, and London. It was evident that Vlone's shows would be a hit, leading to increased profits for retailers and wholesalers.

After six years of establishing the brand, the owner of Vlone aimed for something bigger in 2017. They organized a special exhibition in Paris, where Vlone showcased its latest offerings, including jeans, sweatpants, hoodies, tees, and more. The Paris Fashion Peak exhibition became a significant event for the brand.

Vlone's unique prints, featuring large V, rough V, classical V, transparent V, and various other designs, gained popularity worldwide, especially among young adults. The demand for these distinctive designs on the front and back of Vlone clothing was high, contributing to the brand's success and appeal.

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